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Succulent Care

Water: Lightly every 2-3 weeks

Sunlight: Succulents can withstand direct sunlight.

Remove any browning leaves as time goes on.

Over time, succulents may grow out of their design. We offer custom refresh services for your succulent gardens to keep them uniform and tidy. Please call us or stop in for a quote.

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Succulent Propogation

Place the removed succulent leaf on top of soil. Mist the soil as well as the end of the succulent. Keep out of direct sunlight. Spray the end of succulent daily and spray the soil when it becomes dry.

When succulent has grown roots, dig a small hole that will fit the roots. Plant the succulent and mist daily.

Transplant the succulent when the original leaf has fallen off. Be sure not to remove this leaf before then so that the root system remains intact.

Good luck and enjoy your new succulent plant!