the king florist group


The King Florist Group is made up of our four companies that serve different niches for the people of Austin. We are a local Austin company with our roots in the central Brentwood neighborhood. We're a full service florist, open 6 days a week, with gifts ready for pick up or delivery.  Feel free to call or stop by. 


We are housed in one central Austin location at 1806 W. Koenig Lane. 

King Florist:

Has been your Austin florist since 1927. We focus on premium flowers and a low, lush style of design to emphasize the beautiful product that we source from all over the world. King Florist delivers to the entire greater Austin area. 

Austin Flower Market

Your local source for bulk flowers in Central Texas. Open to the public; no license required.

Austin Succulents:

Is our dedicated succulent garden delivery service and bulk succulent retailer for events and DIY projects. 

Tiny Bloom:

Is a flat rate wrapped flower and succulent delivery service in the central Austin area.

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