Meet Bob. Bob Needs Expedited Delivery.

Tulip Market Wrap

Tulip Market Wrap

Meet Bob. Bob is a good guy. He’s a loving husband and a devoted father. Bob has a lot going for him.

Bob is married to Sally. Sally loves Bob. He is so thoughtful and caring. Bob never forgets special occasions. Sally loves that about Bob.

But Bob has a secret…

Bob is a busy guy and sometimes he does forget special occasions. Bob has been known to be sitting in a meeting in the middle of the afternoon and suddenly remember that he forgot. Whenever that happens, Bob logs on to – that’s Bob’s secret.

Today is Sally’s birthday. Sally left very early this morning for her yoga class. Bob was not even awake when Sally left, so no Happy Birthday wishes for Sally, yet.

It’s 3:30 p.m. and Bob has already had a long day. Bob is sitting in what promises to be a very long, very boring business meeting. Suddenly, Bob remembers that he had forgotten that today is Sally’s birthday. After a brief panic, Bob also remembers that he has his laptop in the meeting and is connected to the internet.

Bob takes a moment to log on to

Bob can almost smell the arrangements he sees on the Seasonal Collection page. As he scroll through the page, a beautiful arrangement with tulips captures Bob’s attention. He recalls the last chick flick he saw with Sally. There was a scene where the happy couple was laying in a field of tulips and Bob heard Sally sigh and whisper, “I just love tulips.”

Proud of himself for remembering something from that movie besides the popcorn needing more butter, Bob selects the arrangement named “Tulip Passion” and clicks the checkout button.

Bob knows that even though it is 3:30 p.m., it will be no problem for King Florist to get an arrangement to Sally in time. Bob’s been here before. Bob simply selects the 2 Hour Express Delivery option, and smiles as he pictures Sally receiving the arrangement just before he arrives at home.

Bob will be a hero.

Bob will be named husband-of-the-year.

Bob will be admired amongst his peers.

Most of all, Bob will have the joy and gratitude of his wonderful wife Sally – and Sally will never be the wiser.

King Florist offers four expedited delivery options:

Before Noon Delivery: We can guarantee before noon delivery for a $10 fee when the order is placed by 5:00 PM CST the day prior, or earlier. 

4 Hour Express Delivery: We can guarantee same-day delivery in 4 hours for a $10 fee; orders must be placed prior to 2:00 PM CST to qualify for this same- day delivery option. 

3 Hour Express Delivery: We can guarantee delivery in 3 hours for a $20 fee; orders must be placed prior to 3:00 PM CST to qualify for this same-day delivery option. 

2 Hour Express Delivery: We can guarantee delivery in 2 hours for a $30 fee; orders must be placed prior to 4:00 PM CST to qualify for this same-day delivery option. 

If you have questions about any of these options, or need to discuss a special circumstance, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or come by. We will do everything thin our power to make your floral delivery make you look like the hero that you really are.

Be like Bob. Shop,