A Bride and Her Bouquet

A beautiful bride deserves a beautiful bridal bouquet.

King Florist delivered just that to local bride and blogger, Ashley Hargrove. According to Ashley, “Their custom floral arrangements are out of this world and I was confident they would create something perfect for our big day. And did they ever!”

Even though Ashley’s bouquet displayed a mostly neutral color scheme, it was anything but neutral in its appeal.

White flowers such as Roses, Astrantia, and Gompherena create a sophisticated feel. The classic look of a white Rose is at home in any bridal bouquet as it is a symbol for true love. Astrantia is a sweet-scented flower with a central cluster of flowers framed by a ring of papery bracts. The Gomphrena resemble the Astrantia (minus the bracts) with their tiny, pincushion blooms, while adding an element of texture and whimsy.

Gentle pops of color arrive in the form of the peach Alstilbe, deep maroon Scabiosa, and blushing Daucus Carota. Alstilbe is known for its dense, feathery plumes of flowers and fern-like foliage. They are a perfect choice for a bridal bouquet because of their stiff stems that enable them to pop out in unexpected places around the arrangement. The Scabiosa is in the honeysuckle family and boast compact, uniform flower heads. Daucus Carota is more commonly known as Queen Anne’s Lace, which calls to mind delicate, white flowers clustered in flat, densely packed short flower stalks. In Ashely’s bouquet, however, you’ll see it comes in a variety of colors and her color scheme leant itself to those with a maroon hue.

All of this was laid to rest on a bed of greens consisting of Rosemary sprigs, Olive branches, and Bay Laurel branches with a surprise appearance from a Tillandsia, commonly known as an Air Plant. Rosemary is known for its fragrance as well as its distinctive taste in various culinary delights from bread to cheesecake to chicken. It’s needle-like leaves and woody stalks make it an excellent choice for adding structure to a flower arrangement. Olive branches were historically worn by brides and symbolize peace or victory, both beautiful sentiments for a new couple – peace in their home and victory together over life’s challenges.  

Can you imagine the scent of this bouquet? The bold scent of Rosemary, mingled with the distinctive smell of the Bay Laurel leaves grounding the sweetness of the classic Rose and delicate Astrantia along with the honey-scent of the Scabiosa. Simply heavenly.

Ashley wrote in her blog, “It’s like they knew exactly what I was wanting and made it come to life in the most beautiful bouquet I had ever seen.” What can we say? That’s what we love to do!

To read more about Ashley’s wedding, check out her blog.

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