The Season between the Seasons


For those who love the summertime, September seems like a sad ending to a delightful movie. Gone are the carefree days of sunscreen and swimming, road trips and barbecues. Coming are the shorter days and dropping temperatures.

For those who love autumn, September is a little like the day before your birthday party. Anticipatory and eager, all you can do is wait. No amount of whining will bring the changing leaves and pumpkin-flavored-everything any faster.

Here at King Florist, we'd like to cure your between-season blues with a beautiful selection of potted plants. Known for their ease of care and long life, we've carefully selected some real beauties for our Orchids + Plants collection.

Today, let's take a look at the European Garden because it combines several of these sturdy, but gorgeous plants in one simple piece of pottery. Each element in this garden adds depth, character, color, and texture to this lush mixture.


Orchids have intrigued and captivated flower lovers throughout history. Their unusual blooms (that come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes), in addition to the way they seem to launch themselves off long, graceful stems, give a sense of luxury and refinement.

The Chinese, Greeks, and Aztecs believed orchids to have healing properties and used them for everything from curing respiratory ailments to increasing strength. And the Victorians were enamored by their mystery and beauty, collecting and displaying them as precious treasures.

Peace Lily

The Peace Lily is a lovely and easy-going plant, making it a favorite for indoor growing. They do not require a lot of light and are very efficient at filtering pollutants from the air. Their deep green, broad leaves fill the space nicely. Their white, tear-drop shaped blooms stand on tall stems above the foliage.

As you might have guessed from the name, Peace Lilies are said to symbolize peace and purity. They are often given as a gift of sympathy and are believed to have healing properties, as well.


Bromeliads look a little like something from outer space, or at least a dense and lush tropical forest. There are many varieties, but most have straight, flat leaves that are added to the center of the plant. They only bloom once in their lifetime, but the bloom of bromeliads can last several months. Colorful leaves can masquerade as blooms and add to the overall unusual appearance of the plant. Unusual, but charming.


So what do these plants have in common? They are all beautiful, easy to care for, produce unique-looking blooms, and grow well indoors. And there's just one more thing they have in common...they are all entirely captivating.

We have several more intriguing orchids and easy-to-care-for plants in our collection, so take a look for yourself. Either check us out online, or drop by (1806 West Koenig Ln, ATX 78756) for an in-person experience with our fabulous plants and attentive people.