Teacher Appreciation

It's hard to believe that the kids have started back to school. It seems like just yesterday they were trading their backpacks for swimsuits and bus rides for family road trips.

And aren't we so grateful for teachers? Don't we appreciate the hard work they put in to educate our children and mold them into beneficial members of society? Let's not let it be a thankless job.

My favorite option for teachers from our Seasonal Collection is Bloom. And from our Succulent Gardens collection, Valley Trio is simply perfect.

Seasonal Collection : Bloom

Bloom is sweet and simple. Cheerful, orange-hued roses interspersed with seasonal blooms are placed together in a compact arrangement. The white pottery is clean and basic, so it brightens any school-room decor.

To show even greater appreciation, you might consider the slightly larger Summer Citrus arrangement, also in the Seasonal Collection. The same style of white pottery is utilized, but the florals range from roses to zinnias in that same orange hue, mixed with big and bold hydrangea blossoms.

Succulent Gardens : Valley Trio

Succulents have seen huge growth in popularity in recent years and it's no wonder why. Simple and long-lasting, but also easy to care for, they make excellent gifts...even for those without a green thumb.

Valley Trio is three petite plants in one set. Each succulent comes in its own white pottery vessel accented with white rocks. Your favorite teacher has options:

  • Set them side by side for an A+ idea
  • Stack them on varying levels of books for high marks in creativity
  • Separate them and liven up three separate spaces for extra credit

Another beauty from the Succulent Gardens collection is the Serene Succulent Garden. It boasts a variety of local succulents and moss accents in earthy, garden pottery. And the name really says it all - what teacher doesn't need a little serenity?

Gift Add-Ons : Macarons

As stunning as they are, these arrangements are improved upon when combined with one of our Gift Add-Ons. I would recommend the Macaron Box from local artisan baker La Patisserie. These French confections will melt in your teacher's mouth and make her say, "Ooh, la la" when she gets ready to grade your child's first assignment (not that we're suggesting or condoning bribery in any form...).

You can place your order online, over the phone, or in person and have a little Teacher Appreciation gift delivered right to your child's school (King Florist delivers to all AISD schools). Get your child's teacher started off on the right foot of this new school year with a special delivery from King Florist.