ABC's of King Florist : B is for Bridal Bouquet

A wedding is the culmination not only of a romantic relationship, but also the grand finale of weeks, months, and sometimes years of planning. Done right, a wedding reflects the style of the bride and groom as a couple and pleases the senses of all in attendance.

From the dress to the venue to the decorations to the menu to the flowers, every aspect is pored over in great detail. And all of those things are represented by one, simple handful of flowers – the Bridal Bouquet.

While the bride is, of course, the centerpiece of the affair, she is traditionally in white and so all of the colors and décor of the wedding are bound up in that all-important Bridal Bouquet.

Here are a few guidelines for having the very best Bridal Bouquet possible:

1.     A reflection of the bride, herself. Is she formal and traditional or light-hearted and contemporary? Is she flashy or subdued? Is she sophisticated or more simple? All of these questions are asked in order to get at the heart of the one who will be holding that bouquet. It is a reflection of her, plain and simple.

2.     Embodies the style of the wedding. Along the same lines as the bride herself, is the style of the wedding as a whole. There are many styles to consider: Simple. Elegant. Traditional. Whimsical. Outdoorsy. Woodsy. Wild. Conservative. Grand. Sparkly. Understated. The Bridal Bouquet ties the feel of the wedding into the appearance of the bride.

3.     Unifies the colors. As mentioned above, the bride is traditionally in white or off-white, so all the colors of the décor are unified by the Bridal Bouquet. This includes the colors of the venue itself as well as any floral arrangements or other table decorations that are chosen.

4.     Not too big, not too small…just right. Although it is of great importance, the Bridal Bouquet must fit with the one who is carrying it, the main star of the event – the bride. If a bouquet is too large, it dwarfs or hides the bride. If it is too small, it looks awkward and out of place.

5.     Must be toss-able. Again, tradition states that the bride tosses her bouquet to a grouping of single ladies and the lucky one to catch it will be the next bride. So, the bouquet must be of throwing size. However, there are some brides lately who cannot bear to part with their special bouquet, so a mini-replica is created to throw to the single ladies.

6.     Accented with unique touches. Because the Bridal Bouquet plays such an important role in the nuptials, it is important for it to have unique elements to it that will make it stand out. Unusual and exotic florals fit this bill as do succulents or trailing ivy.

7.     Accented with a wrap around the stems. This is a practical addition, but also an attractive one. Wrapped stems not only secure the bouquet in just the arrangement you desire, but it also finishes the whole look.  

8.     Composed of seasonal flowers. This might go without saying, but if you want flowers that will be available for your wedding date, you must choose seasonal flowers. Otherwise, not only will you pay an arm and a leg if you can get your hands on them, but they will not fit with the season you are in.

9.     The Bridal Bouquet is the sun to the floral solar system of your wedding. That is to say, all the other floral accents and arrangements – boutonnieres, corsages, bridesmaid bouquets, table centerpieces – orbit around the Bridal Bouquet. To achieve the right look and feel, the florals much create a cohesive story.

The creation of beautiful, unique Bridal Bouquets is truly one of the places where King Florist shines. They have crafted bouquets for almost every type of bride imaginable. They are thrilled to take your ideas and run with them, or if you are more of a do-it-yourself-type, they have suggestions and ideas straight from King Florist’s sister company, Austin Flower Market.

Whichever route you choose, King Florist will be by your side to make your Bridal Bouquet as unforgettable as you are…almost. 

Benoit Ballon