Unique Design

Michael has a pretty good idea of how to keep his girlfriend, Tamara, happy and it has a lot to do with King Florist.

“When we first got together I sent her flowers and she loved them and reacted perfectly, so I started sending her flowers every week,” Michael explained. “I mean, the flowers wouldn’t be dead from the week before and she had new ones there. I can’t even imagine how hard that was [for King Florist] to repeatedly send out flowers to the same person yet make them unique each time, but they did.”

And that was a year and a half ago. Michael has continued to keep her supplied with fresh flowers from King and knows “It takes a lot of creativity,” on their part.

He knows he has set a precedent with his flower-generosity both where Tamara works (a beauty salon) and at King. “People [at the salon] think we’re fighting if she doesn’t get flowers at least twice a month. They’re like, ‘What’s wrong? You and that boy fighting or something?’” he laughed.

Michael went on, “There was a month where she and I weren’t getting along and [the team at King] called to see how things were going.  I know there’s a business interest, but I really think they were concerned because we’ve become friends. And they love my girlfriend… I think the delivery guys line up to go see her because she’s really pretty,” he laughed.

Michael confessed that he isn’t always as on top of his floral orders as he should be, but that doesn’t stop King from making it happen for him. “I’ve done things to those poor people,” Michael said of the King team. “They’ve pulled me out of the fire so many times. I’ve called them up [late in the day] and asked if they can deliver flowers to my girlfriend by lunch the next day and they do it.”

Michael said he wished every company had as great customer service as King Florist does. They take care of the customer and they do it with a smile.

“I just don’t trust anybody else,” Michael said. He relayed a story about one of Tamara’s co-workers: “Her husband tried to send her flowers for Valentine’s Day. He used the florist in the same strip center where their shop is and they couldn’t even get the flowers across the parking lot on time! After inding out which florist I use, now he’s using King Florist. He was so proud last year when they showed up at the right time.” 

Michael went on to explain, “You aren’t going to get the best unless you go to the best. And I’ve always known they were the best – I’m old school Austin and you just know. They have such a wonderful reputation.”

And Michael appreciates that King helps him from beginning to end. Over time, they have learned what Tamara’s favorite flowers are and that she loves their black vases. They come up with an arrangement that is perfect for her. “They even help me with the messages for her,” Michael laughed. “I mean, I’m a clumsy man – I might say it wrong, but mean it right, so they help me!”

While Michael is working hard to make Tamara happy, King is working hard to make Michael happy. “I love how easy they make it for me. All I have to do is say, ‘I want flowers I a black vase and here’s what’s going on,’ and they always know how to do it appropriately. I think those people are super and they do such excellent work.”

Michael, we just love that you use King Florist to brighten up Tamara’s day. It’s our pleasure to create that moment of surprise in her day when, as you put it, “these beautiful flowers pop into her life.”


Benoit Ballon