Set Yourself Apart

Kirk's customer appreciation gift for the Holiday Season

Kirk's customer appreciation gift for the Holiday Season

Real Estate is a booming business in Austin and Kirk Lewis of Lewis Residential uses the brilliant designs of King Florist to set himself apart from the competition.

After working with Benoit as his realtor, Kirk began giving King arrangements to his clients as closing gifts, for referrals, and the like. Kirk said, “People are always happy to get flowers – especially something that’s creative. But there’s a huge difference between getting flowers from a grocery store and getting something from King Florist.”

Just this year, Kirk began a new customer satisfaction campaign with King’s help. “Now I send around a hundred or so of my clients a flower arrangement from King every quarter,” Kirk explained. “[King] will create the arrangement and then I stop by to see what they’re going to do. Then they send them out to my clients.”

Kirk had the idea for thanking his clients in this way after seeing the arrangements King did for flowers for his wife. “I saw how creative and crazy they were and it made me start sending them to my clients,” Kirk said. “I know they’re florists, but we think of them as artists. I’ve never seen anybody as creative as them. I remember when I met Benoit and he went to work for King before he took it over – he completely changed their business. I don’t think they’d ever seen anything like him. He came with this repertoire of flower making skills like nothing I’ve ever seen before.”

King has also made a point of noting which flowers Kirk is allergic to to make sure those aren’t included in any of the arrangements he gets for his wife. It’s too bad that his wife’s favorite – lilies – just happen to be ones he’s allergic to! But they still create beautiful, quality arrangements his wife loves: “She takes pictures of them and sends them out our family because they’re so unique. They just go above and beyond to make something unique just for you.”

The best part of Kirk’s experience with King "has to be the creativity of what they do. Sending flowers is just sending flowers but when you send something from them, it’s a work of art.”  

We love working alongside you, Kirk, to show your clients how much you appreciate them. And we, likewise, appreciate you!