Our Summer Arrangements are Steeped in Color

As we near the end of July, the heat of summer is in full force here in Austin, TX. While our lawns might be looking a little crispy and our drought-tolerant shrubs are being put to the test outside, the fresh cut flower stems inside King Florist are being groomed and pampered with care and cool temperatures.

In fact, around here, it looks like the flowers have been left to steep in color for a bit longer than normal, like a strong, delicious cup of herbal tea.

Zinnias are a summertime staple

Low maintenance, heat and drought tolerant, and brimming with brilliant color, it's no wonder these beauties abound in Texas gardens. Easy and fast growing, Zinnias delight gardeners with prolific color. And the more sun and heat they get, the more color-saturated they become.

For florists (like us) and flower-lovers (like you), they are also a perfect performing cut flower. Long, strong stems give them plenty of support in a vase. As always stems should be cut at an angle and just above a bud joint. In addition, strip off any leaves that will be below water level. We of course do this for you when we craft your arrangement, but just in case you care to purchase them wholesale from Austin Flower Market for a DIY arrangement, we wanted to make sure you had the scoop for longevity.

Roses are always a sophisticated choice

We love to combine the soft edges and strong scents of roses with the bolder look of Zinnias. In the summer, we find orange-hued roses satisfy our needs quite splendidly. We gaze at them and think of juicy summer citrus and summer sunsets sinking into the Gulf.

If you're into the meanings of flowers, orange roses have a lovely sentiment associated with them. As they are a blend of the yellow and red roses, their meaning is a blend of the two, as well. Yellow roses are a symbol of friendship and joy while red roses are associated with love, romance, and passion. With the orange rose, you have the freshness of love emerging from friendship. They are perfect for imparting feelings of love, thanks, friendship, and congratulations.

Orchids are showy and exotic

With their unusual and delicate-looking blooms, orchids are just the right intriguing addition to a floral arrangement. Our favorites this time of year are of a pink or purple hue. These graceful flowers don't need to travel in large groups to make an impression, so we tend to tuck one or two into an arrangement because sometimes, less is more.

Succulents are a sweet surprise

We are huge fans of succulents, as evidenced the Austin Succulents arm of the King Florist group. We think they make a delightful surprise element in any arrangement, but especially the vibrant summer ones we've got cooking right now. Depending on the variety, succulents vary on the green scale from soft pastel to deep forest. Multiple varieties are also fun potted together and with all their unique shapes and differing colors vying for attention, you won't know where to look next.

What's your pleasure?

With so many beautiful summer arrangements to choose from, you can't go wrong. Which one is your favorite? Which one do you need delivered to you today?