Meet the Team: Part One

Say hello to our hardworking crew! We’ll be introducing ourselves throughout our next few posts to give you a bit of insight into our team and why we love what we do. We are a group of passionate people and we’re happy every day to share our passion (and a bit of our story) with you!

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Meet: Katie

Plant Designer and Client Services Associate

  • With King Florist Since: Oct 2017
  • Favorite Flower: Poppies
  • Favorite Season: Summer
  • Loves: Yoga, art, hiking, cats, chickens, cooking
  • About Katie: She lived in a tiny house on wheels for 18 months! Her favorite days at work are the days that we have new succulents arrive. One of her funniest memories at King Florist is the time she found a spider in a succulent and India came to save it but it came at her and they all screamed - all part of working with nature!
  • Favorite aspect of working in the floral industry: The constant change and challenge of new and exciting products along with the happy reaction from customers and recipients when they get something special. She also likes reading sweet card messages!
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Meet: Lynsey

Store Manager

  • With King Florist Since: 2009

  • Favorite Flower: Hyacinth, heleborous, and all the greens!
  • Favorite Season: Summer! But spring for flowers
  • Hobbies: Cooking and exploring restaurants in our great city
  • You may not realize: She can lift very heavy things. She’s small but mighty.
  • Favorite King Florist memory: I love every Valentine’s when the whole crew is in house. Working hard toward the same goal. Nothing feels better!
  • Favorite aspect of working in the floral industry: Being part of so many life events for our clients, the changing seasons, working with a team that is creative, adaptive and forward thinking.
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Meet: Rose

  • With King Florist Since: 2013
  • Favorite Flower: Garden roses (two-toned)
  • Favorite Season: Spring
  • Favorite hobby: Spending time in nature. Hiking, swimming, and exploring new parks. Austin and the surrounding areas has so much to offer outdoors. It is magical! Her favorite is to walk the Lady Bird Trail with her husband.
  • A surprising fact about Rose: She is a glassblower (technically the term is lampworker). She’s been on the torch for 15+ years and aspires to make fire art. During her career she started the 1st ever female flame-off!
  • Favorite King Florist memory: Valentine’s Day: This holiday is amazing every year at King because the shop becomes transformed, not only by the amount of product design and phone calls but we have staff from all over the US come to help. We come together as one big team. It is amazing.
  • Favorite aspect of working in the floral industry: The clients. Serving our Austin community gives her joy. When a customer calls in with a need or a vision she is able to assist them with manifesting that creation. When a customer allows her to be part of a baby’s birth or funeral she feel honored. It makes her feel overjoyed to assist and be part of our clients’ lives. Over time she have gotten to know our customers and enjoys hearing from them and making their lives more enriched. Best job ever - because her name is Rose she feels like she has found her dream job with the best flower shop in Austin.
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Meet: Benoit


  • With King Florist Since: 2004
  • Favorite Flower: So many
  • Favorite Season: All, but spring is so special
  • About Benoit: He enjoys going to live music and spending time at COTA (Circuit of the Americas). He is also a certified SCUBA diver! His favorite part of the year at King Florist is every holiday when all our extra team members (friends) come back to help.
  • Favorite aspect of working in the floral industry: Love it all! Dream job.
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Meet: Kayla

Client Services & Sales Manager

  • With King Florist Since: Aug 2017

  • Favorite Flower: Clematis, helleborus, and dahlias
  • Favorite Season: Fall in New England
  • Hobbies: Hiking/playing/swimming with her puppy, Ember!
  • You may not know: In college, Kayla was president of the Kickline team!
  • Favorite King Florist memory: We recently installed a brand new cooler that spans the entire back wall of the store. When a fresh shipment of flowers comes in, the entire back wall is flooded with color and texture and different varieties of blooms and greens. It’s absolutely stunning and so inviting! One of her favorite parts of the day is the very end of the night when the store is dark and only the cooler is lit. It’s one of those things you try to photograph but the real-life display is always so much more stunning!
  • Favorite aspect of working in the floral industry: She thoroughly enjoys helping clients through the emotional parts of their lives. Whether someone is thrilled about a first date or sending their best wishes to a grieving loved one, she is so glad to be able to help those people chose the perfect gift to express their sentiments. She is constantly in awe of the beautiful arrangements created here in-store and it is her pleasure to bring our clients into that world as well.
Benoit Ballon