Pretty Peonies

For years the Fall floral scene has been dominated by richly colored blooms of chrysanthemums and sunflowers. Croton Petra plants with their light and dark green leaves streaked with orange veins fill in the gaps of autumn arrangements. And bright orange pumpkins stack and tumble around hay bales and tall, whispy grasses of harvest.

And we have nothing against those bold buds of Fall. But here at King Florist, we are equally enthralled by the allure of Autumn found in the strange and romantic lines, textures, and scents of Peonies.

In Eastern culture, the Peony is connected to notions of royalty and honor. The Chinese name for Peony translates to “most beautiful,” and their love affair with this fair flower is centuries in the making. According to the Flower Meaning website, the message of the Peony is this:

“Remember how your actions reflect on yourself and others, and always strive to act honorably and respectfully. Don’t be afraid to apologize if you make a mistake, and share your love with others to improve their lives as well.”

The Peony, in her soft, bulbous bud seems small and nondescript, but as soon as her petals begin to unfold, layer upon layer, like a sweetly-scented onion, open wider and wider. Very soon you have a most delicate-looking, lush flower, wide open and on display, wafting her intoxicating scent throughout your space. Tender-looking petals in soft pinks and whites prevail with the rare red making an appearance. Yellow, feathery, pollen-laden stamens surround a central pistil, large and round. For such a gentle-looking creature, she is unashamed to boast her fragrance far and wide.

Although the Anaïs Nin quote is metaphorical, I can’t help but think of it when I see a Peony wide open:

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

We are so pleased to offer the Petite Peony in our Seasonal Collection right now. You can always visit our store to pick up your arrangement or you can have it delivered right to your door. We service a large number of zip codes in the Austin area and you can find those on our website.

Petite Peony : Fresh cut Peonies in a modern gold and white vase accented with greenery   

Petite Peony : Fresh cut Peonies in a modern gold and white vase accented with greenery


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