Seasonal Spotlight : Hints of Fall

Autumn is a beautiful time of year in Austin. We’ve gotten over the fact that our leaves don’t really change colors and instead embrace the diverse beauty of this season.

Deep, rich blooms in lavenders, pinks, and oranges capture our fancy and inspire us daily. But we also love to sneak unexpected elements into our arrangements to add interest and texture.

We are simply in love with our Hints of Fall arrangement and hope you find it as fascinating as we do.

The Blooms:

Hints of Fall has her share of lovely blooming things, of course.

  • Hydrangea – the many flowers in one – seems quite at home in this grouping with her paler colors to offset the other bolder tones. 
  • Mums are an autumnal staple, so they are sprinkled throughout for a traditional, familiar feel.
  • One surprise may be the Cymbidium Orchids, which are prized for their long-lasting sprays of blooms. 
  • Free Spirit Roses delight the ocular and olfactory senses with their pink-to-orange flowers and that unmistakable rose scent. 
  • The Amaranth seems down right fuzzy next to the sleek roses and orchid blossoms.
  • And Astrantia makes an appearance in this arrangement, as it did in a our Bride’s Bouquet a few weeks ago, with its sweet scent and captivating appearance.

The Greens:

Thoughts of edible greens and aromatic greenery wafted through our minds as we pieced together some of the fillers for this Autumnal array. Bay Laurel leaves and Eucalyptus seeds add their earthy scents to the sweetness of the flowers.

The final green element can be a bit of a surprise for some who think the vegetables at the grocery store are only for consumption by mouth. A few leaves of Kale, all purple and green, pop through the flowers of fall to add texture and intrigue, for consumption by the eyes.

A perfect addition to any home during this cooler season, the Hints of Fall arrangement was carefully crafted by our design team. It makes the ideal final touch to any Thanksgiving table.

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