Don't Eat Your Floral Arrangement

Spring seems to be making an early appearance here in Austin this year. Warmer temperatures and budding Texas Mountain Laurel are sure indicators. I even caught a glimpse of a few Bluebonnets along Mopac last week. 

Here at King Florist, we want to help you bring all that Spring indoors. Have you seen our Seasonal Collection? It is a cornucopia of sensory delights. Just take a gander at our Lavender Deluxe - budding with purple-hued blooms:

Let's start with the Hyacinth because that is what will tickle your nose-buds immediately. Their sweet scent will compel you to lean in close for a deep inhalation. Then there are the Tulips. What spring bouquet is complete without them? Their shy buds opening gracefully as the days go by. The mini green hydrangea complement the purple color palate and the visual appeal. I've even seen some Dianthus tucked in there, looking like soft, green pom-poms. I could go on, but I'll leave you to discover some of the others on your own. 

What's not to love? 

But let's get real for a minute. On occasion, we might hear a complaint about the fact that these arrangements please all the senses but one - the sense of taste. (And we highly discourage you from eating your floral assembly.) Finally, we have found a way to help. We have partnered with local artisan baker La Patisserie and now you can add an order of six or twelve Macarons to be consumed alongside your floral masterpiece. 

Here is what the brilliant minds at La Patisserie have to say about their enchanting macarons: 

"What is a Macaron? Two crunchy almond meringues that get sandwiched together with either a flavored buttercream or flavored ganache (chocolate filling).  There are a few key components to the perfect macaron- the first is the feet.  These are the little ridges formed when baking and allow for air into the shell so there is a bit of hollowness that creates a crunch.  The next is the amount of filling.  Ideally a macaron has equal amounts of shell, filling, shell.  And the final component is its resting time.  A macaron tastes best 2-3 days after it has been assembled.  This not only heightens the flavor but also makes sure the texture is exactly right- a bit of crunch with the creaminess of the filling."

Is your mouth watering for Macarons and your eyes watering for beauty? Wait no more! Visit us online to place an order for delivery or treat yourself to a delightful outing and come on by the shop at 1806 W. Koenig here in Austin. Either way, you won't be disappointed. See you soon.