Meet Sally. Sally Loves DIY.

Meet Sally. Sally is Bob’s beloved wife. Sally has benefitted greatly over the years from Bob’s knowledge of King Florist. Now it’s Sally’s turn to do something nice for Bob.

Bob is turning 50 and Sally is throwing him a fancy party. She has rented out a banquet hall at a fancy hotel. She has lined up fancy caterers to make fancy hors d'oeuvres and serve fancy cocktails. She has purchased a fancy party dress and made an appointment to have her hair and nails done.

Now Sally is thinking about décor. She really likes to decorate and thinks she could save some money in that area by doing it herself. She has some ideas for fancy decorations and really wants flowers all over the room to give an elegant look and feel.

Sally visits and clicks where it says “Events.” There she discovers that the King Florist Group has a wholesale flowers and supplies arm called Austin Flower Market.

Sally is in for an ocular treat when she enters the Austin Flower Market Website. After surfing around a little while just enjoying the beautiful flower photos on the site, Sally heads over to the Wholesale Market menu and pops into the FAQ & Planning page. Here she finds an incredibly helpful timeline starting at six months prior to the event.

She also discovers that Austin Flower Market has everything she needs from flowers to tools to greenery to tons of helpful tips to help her be successful. Sally takes the fun DIY Questionnaire and decides that she is up to the exciting and rewarding challenge of doing it herself. However, just to be on the safe side, Sally also determines that she would like a little design assistance. She remembers that Bob is always going on and on about how fabulous and helpful the King Florist Team is, so she fills out the Contact Form.

Sally is excited. She feels confident in her decisions and is working her way through her organized to do list for the big event. Sally knows her party will be a success, her floral décor will be on point, and her sweet Bob will be blown away.

Are you a go-getting, do-it-yourselfer like Sally? Visit and get all the tools you need to create floral nirvana at your next event.

Our farms require two weeks advance notice for all wholesale orders. Please visit for pricing, availability, and minimum order requirements.



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