Wedding Greenery Garland

Wedding bouquet King Florist Austin, TX

Wedding season is in full bloom and that means here at King Florist we are busy creating floral arrangements as unique and stunning as the brides who request them. 

You can view our basic designs and pricing structures under Events at, but note that we pride ourselves on using seasonal floral elements to create unique bouquets to compliment any wedding's style. From bright pops of yellow and orange to the subtlety of pastel pinks and mint greens and everything in between, King Florist is eager to be part of the beauty of your wedding.

Austin Flower Market, the wholesale floral branch of the King Florist Group, is the perfect place for the more DIY-inclined bride. We carry a wide variety of seasonal flowers as well as bulk succulents. And now, we're offering greenery garland, a versatile and lovely addition to any wedding design. 

A sample of greenery garland for a wedding arch.  Contact   us  for exact styling and appearance. 

A sample of greenery garland for a wedding arch. Contact us for exact styling and appearance. 

Uses for Greenery Garland

  • Adorn an intimate wedding arch the bride and groom will stand under to exchange vows
  • Create a table runner with candles and fresh flowers strewn throughout
  • Craft a circular centerpiece for your tables
  • Drape it over the backs of the chairs at the head table
  • Intertwine with twinkly lights and hang radiated out from a center point on the ceiling
  • Hang in a doorway for a grand and dramatic entryway
  • Highlight the cake table or gift table or head table with a swag along the front of the table
  • Attach to a large frame for guests to hold photo-booth-style
  • Use as an aisle-runner along the center of the seating area for the ceremony


Greenery Garland at Austin Flower Market

Our premium greenery garland is perfect for your ceremony, as a table runner or to adorn any area at your event. Minimum order is ten feet. To order additional footage, enter feet quantity with additional footage field on our website