Behind the Scenes at King Florist

We invite you into our world today to follow a floral order as it makes its way from us here at King Florist to your family or friends! Whether you've browsed our new collections online, or spoken with our team on the phone, your gift makes its way through multiple steps before reaching its final destination. 

We receive new flowers weekly from across the world. As soon as these stems arrive, we begin processing. For each bloom and bit of greenery, there is a different protocol to follow. For example, calla lilies are kept in less water than other stems would be, roses are removed of their thorns before making their way to the cooler, and lilies are cleaned and kept in warmer temperatures to encourage them to crack open - and the list goes goes on! These specifics ensure that our flowers are as beautiful and long-lasting as possible. 

With the coolers fully stocked, our team is ready to help you find the perfect gift for each occasion. We have taken time to learn about the flowers we have available and understand which colors and types of blossoms will compliment each other best. We're happy to talk with you about our seasonal stems and give our advice on just which types would be most enjoyed by your loved ones. Seen below is a version of our brand-new Seasonal Medley.

You also may find yourself online looking through the options in our current collections. We photograph each of our arrangements in-house and update these photos based on availability each day. You can rest assured that the arrangement that you choose will be designed to capture the same feeling and sentiment that you had hoped to express. 

Once your order is processed (and perhaps you've chosen to add on a local gourmet treat as well!), your gift moves on to our Design team. The best flowers of the day are thoughtfully placed together with your specific recipient in mind. From the choice of container to the color palette and specific greenery used, our designers are focused on creating a custom piece that will be enjoyed for days to come.

After leaving the design bench, your gift is packaged for delivery and loaded onto one of our King Florist vans. Our vehicles are temperature-controlled and specifically laid out to ensure that your flower arrangement makes its way to your loved one looking just perfect. With our different delivery options, your gift can arrive as soon as two hours after you place your order!

For those of you in the Austin area, please stop in to get the real "Behind the Scenes" experience first-hand. We'd love to say hello!

Benoit Ballon