Flora Box : Joy for the Holidays

The Austin Trail of Lights kicks off this weekend – signaling that the holidays are in full swing for many Austinites. Here at King Florist, we’re celebrating the holidays with our Seasonal Collection’s array of arrangements to satisfy every style and color palate.

The Flora Box is the perfect accompaniment to your Pinterest-worthy Holiday party decorations or Christmas dinner table with grandma’s fine China and polished silver. Simple but elegant, this arrangement boasts some of the bolder colors of the season along with some unique elements to create additional visual interest.

Greenery is a must in any holiday arrangement and we have sprinkled some traditional favorites amongst some more unusual components. Winter Pine is a must and is quite at home alongside Eucalyptus, their fragrances blending to create a cozy, outdoor scent. Then Kale makes an appearance, reminding us it’s not just a healthy side dish from Whole Foods. Magnolia Leaves are green and waxy on one side, but brown and dull on the other, creating a visually appealing contrast.

Now it’s time for the floral elements. Cymbidium Orchids are nestled in the greenery, with their rich maroons. This combination hints at the traditional red and green of Christmas, but with a softer, more sophisticated appeal. Soft white Mondial Roses and Cremon Mums are the large-headed flowers that brighten up the display. And then of course there are the less common elements that King Florist is known for like Banksias and Veronicas. Both can be likened to a bottle brush with a flower spike and tightly-packed, tiny flowers. The Banksia is the larger of the two; the Veronicas have a narrower flower spike.

All of this beautiful flora is craft-fully arranged by our team of floral designers, who make sure there is not a gap or hole in this striking centerpiece. A simple wooden box holds it all in place and complements every style from rustic to formal.

How about making this sweet box arrangement the finishing touch to your holiday décor? Or perhaps a gift for a hard-working hostess in your life?

Flora Box showing off some of her sendable succulent friends from  Austin Succulents .

Flora Box showing off some of her sendable succulent friends from Austin Succulents.