Ben + Sarah + King = Love 4-Ever

Table centerpieces - autumnal and woodsy - create that warm, inviting feel

Table centerpieces - autumnal and woodsy - create that warm, inviting feel

Ben and Sarah have had a unique experience with King Florist. They are full-time RVers, which means they travel all around the country and do odd jobs in the cities they are visiting. “No job is too big or too small,” Sarah explained. “In 2009, we were in Austin around Valentine’s Day and we were able to deliver for King.” And they’ve been doing it ever since.

Then in 2011, Ben and Sarah got married and had King do their wedding flowers. Sarah said, “They were incredibly easy to collaborate with and they were really creative. No other florist meets our high standards. They’re a great team and they really know what they’re doing.”

Ben added, “The design was different from everything else we’d seen. We wanted something fresh. We looked at a lot of pictures so we had a good idea of what we wanted, but we let them run with it.”

And they were not disappointed. Sarah continued, “It was absolutely perfect. They made the wedding feel warm and inviting. It was exactly what we wanted – they nailed it!”

The wedding was in November, so Ben and Sarah relied on King to let them know what florals were available that season. “They matched the color palette and tone we were going for,” Ben said. It was an outdoor wedding, so the couple really wanted something autumnal and woodsy and King made their vision a reality.

Ben and Sarah got married in the hill country near Austin. King delivered the flowers and set everything up for them in addition to decorating their cupcake table and designing the archway where they said their vows.

Cupcake table

Cupcake table

“They listened to everything we had to say. When [the flowers] showed up, we were beyond thankful that they knew…” Ben started.

“…exactly what we wanted!” Sarah finished his sentence with a laugh. “We were in awe. The arrangements just made everything fall into place – they made it complete. It was a big moment for us; it was really important. I don’t know if everybody else takes wedding flowers as seriously as we did, but it meant the world to us what they were able to deliver.”

Sarah went on, “The bridal bouquet was magical – it was something like I’ve never seen before. And the fact that the boutonnieres and corsages played right off of it – it was amazing. It was absolutely perfect!”

In addition to working for King and using them for their wedding, Sarah sent some get-well flowers from King to her mom when she was in the hospital. “Once again it was something amazing and beautiful!” The nurses got wind of the beautiful arrangement and spread the word. “Even nurses that weren’t her nurses would go by just to look at her flowers! Mom liked the extra attention – it made her feel like a movie star!” Sarah laughed.

The magical bridal bouquet

The magical bridal bouquet

Ben and Sarah agreed that working with King is a well-rounded experience. Sarah said, “From the front desk to the designer to the efficiency of the whole process – they deliver just what you’re looking for. When you envision something, they are able to match that and they deliver every time.”

Ben added, “The effort from beginning to end is very apparent – even to the last part where it’s delivered to the customer. Everybody [who works there] has a high standard to maintain and that’s the key to why we keep working with them. This is the only place we ever get flowers from.”

This couple loves every aspect of working with and for King Florist. “There’s always a smile and a positive attitude. I think that even the flowers can feel that!” Ben laughed.

Sarah added with sincerity, “It’s been a pleasure. We’re proud to call them friends, family, and good team members.”

Ben and Sarah, we’re proud to call you part of our team, as well, and we’re looking forward to having your help for Valentine’s Day 2016.