Local Businesses Offer Quality and Camaraderie

Lori S. is the owner of the local cupcakery called The Cupcake Bar. She met some of the fine folks from King Florist when they ordered cupcakes from her. She looked up their website and was impressed, so when The Cupcake Bar moved into their new space around the corner from King, Lori naturally had to stop by.

“I visited their shop and loved what I saw,” Lori said. “They’re very personal and local and I like that. I go in every so often and pick up some fun things here and there for our office. I always find way more than I ever need, but it’s fun!”

Desktop succulents

Desktop succulents

A visit to the shop is an inspiring experience for Lori. Because she specializes in events, she’s always looking for fresh, new ideas and creativity breeds creativity. “It’s fun to see what they come up with. They’re style is fresh and modern, so I just like looking around.”

But Lori often does more than just look; she confessed her little obsession with their vases: “I like to buy them just because they’re pretty. I don’t always put something in them, I just like to look at them,” she laughed.

When she is searching for a plant or flower to go with a vase or pot, she always seeks out guidance from the knowledgeable team at King: “I have a black thumb so I always ask for what’s going to last a long time and what can take the most beating and how to take care of it. They give me advice and I appreciate that a lot. I really like to just buy their branches because they’re already dead, so I can’t kill them!”

In addition to brightening up her workspace, Lori has also been using King for thank you gifts for different vendors. As a local business owner herself, Lori loves the personal touch that King provides, “I prefer to use someone like them because they’re local. They always do a great job.”

Clients of The Cupcake Bar understandably get a lot of cupcakes – not only for events, but also as a sign of Lori’s appreciation. “I know it seems impossible, but sometimes people might be cupcaked-out!” Lori laughed. She recounted customers who use her services a lot or who might have lots of leftovers after an event. In those cases, she’ll usually send flowers from King instead or in addition to cupcakes, “just to change it up a little bit. The flowers last a little longer than a cupcake, but they don’t taste as good!”

Lori always has a good experience at King Florist. “I don’t have to worry about quality or design. They’re always just beautiful and in a style that I really like. And the arrangements last forever, even when I’m taking care of them – and that says a lot! I feel good about buying there and I do love that it’s local.”

It’s our pleasure to work with other local businesses, too, Lori. We think your cupcakes are high quality, but sadly they don’t last forever around here!