ABC's of King Florist : A is for Austin

King Florist ~ Keep Austin Blooming

King Florist ~ Keep Austin Blooming

For the team at King Florist, Austin is much more than just a city, it’s our home.

We see Austin as our wonderful, eclectic, unique, and weird community. As Austin grows, we make an effort to maintain our personality and individuality as a city. One of the ways we do this is by supporting our local businesses. Buying local keeps our beautiful city thriving.

Here are just a few of the benefits of buying local:

1.     Preserves Local Character and Charm. Who knows Austin better than folks who have lived and served in Austin for a long time? King Florist is a local company that takes great pride in creating floral arrangements that are as unique as the community we serve.

An Austin based company rented our shop to host their Fall open house.

An Austin based company rented our shop to host their Fall open house.

2.     Builds Strong Communities. Local businesses link neighbors together via economic and social relationships. They become a place for neighbors to connect and work together for local causes. Did you know you can rent out King Florist for small, private events? Not only can you bump into friends while visiting the store, but you can host the soiree of the season there.

3.     Keeps Dollars in the Local Economy. Locally owned businesses keep money in the local economy, which enriches the whole community. Compared to chain stores, more of the money made at a local business is re-spent within that community.

4.     Provides Job and Wages. Local business employ locals! That means our community is strengthened because our people are strengthened. Our team at King Florist love where they live and work and you're helping make that possible!

5.     Fosters Entrepreneurship. We are a state and a nation of hard workers with the entrepreneurial spirit. Innovation and prosperity go hand in hand. If you have ever seen a King Florist arrangement, you know that the designs are innovative and unique.

6.     Encourages Partnering. It’s a beautiful thing when local businesses partner together to create events, activities, and products that benefit the community. And they know what the community needs because they live in it. Many of King’s customers are local business owners themselves, who have used King for their special occasions and vice versa.

Winter Wreath

Winter Wreath

7.     Encourages Friendly Competition. Small businesses yield originality and accountability. Coming up with new ideas and keeping prices fair are some of the long-term hallmarks of locally-owned businesses. In order to stay ahead of the curve, King Florist is continually coming up with new designs and using quality florals to keep customers satisfied.

Next time you find yourself in need of something, shop local! You could go online and find just about any product – even floral arrangements from a chain – but those products are often impersonal and generic. When you shop locally, you not only find items with a local flare and personality, but you are also supporting your neighbors and friends.

Thanks for supporting King Florist, your local florist, and the many other businesses in Austin that are locally owned.


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