Walk in Beauty

Susan H. is a big believer in the benefits of surrounding yourself with beauty. She incorporates this philosophy into her home as well as her salon (Salon Le Beau here in Austin, TX). 

“At my salon, I budget for flowers and atmosphere instead of marketing in magazines and newspapers,” Susan explained. She gives her customers a memorable experience they spread the word for her. She uses King Florist to help create just the mood she desires to set. 

She first found King through her friend, Wendy. “She was always getting flowers from there – I’d seen them at her house and at the salon.” Susan finally decided to stop in one day and “I was hooked! I won’t go anywhere else. I never slum it at the grocery store anymore…it just doesn’t work out!” she laughed.

Unlike grocery-store bouquets of questionable quality that you have to arrange yourself, the team at King uses their skills and expertise to make an arrangement that is sure to delight. According to Susan, “Everything they do is very different. It’s stand-out quality and it really lasts.”

She continued, “They’ve done some unique projects for me that I’ve been so pleased with.” They created a beautiful floral piece for her daughter’s hair for prom. In addition, she “had an engagement party for a friend and they did these mini boxes with autumn designs. They were so pretty and lasted for at least two weeks. And I sent flowers to friend who had her knee replaced and she said the arrangement was stunning.”

Susan had the opportunity to take a class at King. They made head wreaths just in time for ACL weekend. She made one for her daughter and the results were lovely. She said, “I think it’s great that they do the classes and I really loved it. It smelled heavenly in there with all the flowers and I learned a lot.”

Of all the wonderful things King has done for Susan, her favorite part about them is the sensory experience she has when she goes to the store. She enjoys getting their emails and looking at their website to see what new things they have for the month, but she loves to physically go there: “I just want to see and touch everything. I like to just wander around and feel things. To me, it’s very Zen. And all the people are so friendly.”

Susan has already visited the website and selected some pieces she’ll get for her home for the holidays. In addition to getting some wreaths, Susan said, “I’m going to get their Winter Trio and put it on my coffee table in front of my fireplace.” What a lovely scene!

One-third of a  Winter Trio  at King Florist

One-third of a Winter Trio at King Florist

King Florist is pleased to help Susan with her desire to walk in beauty. Susan said, “I decided that I need beauty in my life. Whether at work or at home, we have to create a beautiful space. I create a space for my clients at my salon – we have beautiful music, we offer tea – it’s a very Zen atmosphere.” And she loves King because it helps her in her quest for beauty: “I love that place; I need that place! I’m obsessed with that florist!” she laughed.

We love you, too, Susan! Stop in soon for your Winter Trio so we can gush over each other.