Over Three Decades of Customer Satisfaction

Yoli A. has nothing but nice things to say about King Florist, and she’s been saying those things for over three decades.

“They’re just amazing!” Yoli exclaimed. “They’ve been my florist since I moved here in the 80’s and they were my husband’s family’s florist long before that.”

Yoli and her family have trusted King Florist with their floral needs ranging from arrangements for their business, Taco Shack, to holiday florals to match each season to special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries to weekly fresh arrangements in their home. “We just love fresh flowers,” Yoli explained. “We like fresh flowers on our vanities. Our girls (7th grade and 11th grade) have gotten used to having a little arrangement on their vanity. I think when they grow up, that will continue.”

Personalized customer service is key

Over the years, King has built a long-term, trusting, deeply personal relationship with Yoli. She recalls that, “Benoit has a completely different style from the original owners. The original owners were very traditional and his style is much more contemporary. And the style of my home is traditional.” But none of that mattered because King Florist got to know Yoli and her particular style.

“Years ago, Lynsey came to our house to look at our color scheme,” Yoli explained. Lynsey took note of Yoli’s home and furniture styles. She also noted which flowers were family favorites. Now King Florist keeps a file for Yoli so that they can make her selection process easy.

King has masterfully created arrangements to suit her needs and fit with her traditional home and style. “They got to know me and my style; they came to my house to see what my style was, so the arrangements always fit my style,” Yoli said, satisfaction in her voice.

Yoli even suggested that her neighbor, Leslie, have King come look her house and color scheme so that she could start using them for her floral needs. “Now she gets all her flowers done by them, too! Leslie has a very contemporary style home, so the arrangements they make for her are very different from the arrangements they make for me. They’re able to do that because they know each of us.”

“It comes down to customer service,” Yoli explained. “It comes down to getting to know your client and doing what fits them; not just what the style of the floral company is.”

The virtues of planning ahead

King Florist makes life a little easier for Yoli and her busy family. She said, “They know all of our important dates – birthdays, anniversaries and such. So, they’ll either contact me or my husband, Orlando, to make sure we get what we want.”

She continued, “About a week before Halloween, they knew we were having an event at Taco Shack, so they called and asked, ‘Is there anything in particular you want for Halloween?’ And then before the Christmas holidays, they’ll call me up and ask what color my linens will be this year so that they can create arrangements that will match.”

Yoli often has a vase or two on hand that she wants to reuse, so she’ll drop them by the shop and select some of the flowers she likes. A member of the King Florist team will have already selected some flowers they know are Yoli’s favorites and then offer to give her a peak at any they may have just gotten in.

Yoli loves getting those calls from King Florist. She’s a business owner and a mom, so she is always on the go. “My schedule is crazy! I don’t always remember to make that initial call, so it’s great to know that King is there, thinking ahead for me!”

Kind words

According to Yoli, the arrangements always end up looking just perfect for her needs. “They choose the most quality flowers that you can pick and you can really see the difference. I think they’re a great company…I just love them!”

We think you’re great, too, Yoli! It is our pleasure and joy to help you make every day a special occasion.