King Florist Always Has a Few Surprises Up Their Sleeves

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It’s hard to surprise Rhonda C. with a unique floral arrangement because she’s been receiving them from King Florist for at least two decades. But somehow, King has managed to do just that, time after time.

“I am always so impressed with what they do,” Rhonda said. “To me, it’s like art work. They are just so good! They do such unique things with their florals. They always use flowers that amaze me. I’m not just looking at a floral arrangement – it’s like I’m looking at art!”

It all began years ago at King’s original location. Rhonda loved the storefront and just stopped in one day. “They always had the neatest things inside in addition to florals – and they still do! They have cool things to decorate with and add to an arrangement when you're working with flowers.”

From there, her husband began sending her flowers from King because he knew how much she loved it. “He’s real good about sending me flowers on special occasions. I love the exotic floral arrangements. In my opinion, they do some of their best design work with the exotics. I’d ask for those all the time instead of more commonplace flowers,” Rhonda explained. “I never tire of what they can do with them. But now, after seeing arrangements that we’ve sent to others that were not exotic, I’m starting to think I need to switch back to more standard flowers – because it’s new for me!” she laughed.

Rhonda's Favorite - side one

Rhonda's Favorite - side one

Over the years of unique flower arrangements, Rhonda has developed a friendship and trust with the team at King Florist. “They have fantastic customer service. I just really like everybody there,” she said. When she needs an arrangement, she will simply suggest a particular color or an element like wood or stone and let them run with it. “I got to where I could just trust that whatever they put together I would just be in love with. They’re just that good!”

Rhonda confessed that sometimes it seems like the King Florist team is full of mind readers. “I called and said, ‘You know what I like; just surprise me!’ And they did. They did their own thing and surprised me. Now I’m to the point where I just want to be surprised by them!”

Rhonda's Favorite - side two

Rhonda's Favorite - side two

Because of her love of King Florist arrangements, Rhonda has been the giver as well as the receiver. “I’ve sent arrangements for any occasion you can think of – from something sad to something jubilant and they’ve always done a really good job.” She had King do the florals for a Bridal Shower for her daughter as well as for her engagement party. She’s sent flowers for birthdays, anniversaries, funerals, and the like. But sometimes, she likes to send them just because. No special occasion necessary, just a special person: “Sometimes there will just be someone I felt special about and I wanted them to feel special, so I send them something from King because it’s always to special when it comes from them.”

Of all the arrangements she’s given and received, there is still one that stands out for Rhonda. She described it with joy and enthusiasm as she recalled it:

There was this one that was so unique to me! I like arrangements that are all the way around – so that you can view them from 360 degrees. They brought me this one arrangement and I was loving it. Then I walked around to the other side and gasped, ‘Oh my gosh! I have a whole new arrangement!’ They divided it in half with certain types of flowers on one side and certain types of flowers on the other side. So from one side you’re looking at one floral arrangement that you love, but you have no idea that when you walk around to the other side of it, you have another floral arrangement that’s completely different. I thought, ‘How did they do that? How did they incorporate it that so it looks like one big one, but it’s really two separate ones?’ That was my absolute favorite because it surprised me and caught me off guard.

At King Florist, we love giving people what they want, surprising them with unexpected design, and building trusting friendships.

Stop in soon, Rhonda. We’d love to surprise and delight you once again!