The Sweet Simplicity of Succulents

As a native Austinite, Rosemary was familiar with King Florist and just needed an excuse to pop in.

That excuse came with the need to find a gift for her friend’s birthday. “Instead of getting her a flower arrangement that would be beautiful for a few days and then go away, I decided to get her a succulent arrangement,” she explained.

She looked at King Florist online and then gave them a call. “They were really great over the phone,” she said. “I asked if they had a lot of different arrangements to pick from or if it would be something I would have to fix myself.  They assured me they had a lot of succulent arrangements and terrariums, but if I didn't see when I liked, they could certainly accommodate what I wanted.”

That was just what Rosemary needed to hear so she went for a visit and quickly knew she was in the right place: “I walked in and immediately there was a gorgeous display of all different sizes and shapes of terrariums. And then there were several beautiful tables with mostly succulents, but also mixed with orchids and other living, flowering plants.”

Rosemary described it has having a very cool vibe. “I liked the fact that the space is very clean and well organized with lots of different vessels to choose from if you didn’t find one ready-made. There are lots of different price points, so that was really good and the people were really helpful but not overly intrusive. Sometimes when you say you want to look, you just want to look!” Rosemary laughed.

She found a beautiful succulent for her friend and even found a little something for herself.  She chose a concrete, round vessel with white on the bottom to sit in the middle of her kitchen island. “My house has a lot of white and is very modern. Sometimes I have flowers in the kitchen, but I wanted something that would last. So I thought the succulents would be something good to try and that spot.”

Rosemary was very pleased overall with her experience with King. She’s a conscientious shopper who likes to buy local, “and I really appreciate the way they run their business.”

We appreciate you, Rosemary. And we think the arrangement you chose suits your beautiful kitchen quite well.