King Florist - A Little Piece of Peace

There are barely words to describe how Lori feels about King Florist. “It’s an experience to receive something from King Florist. The uniqueness…” Lori hesitates and takes a deep breath before going on, “It’s almost like it was designed just for you. It’s like they knew something about you.”

Lori as the receiver of flowers…

For the past three or four years, Lori has been privileged to receive a birthday bouquet by King Florist from her niece. “It’s the highlight of my birthday. I always look forward to it.”

Lori goes on to explain how her arrangement is delivered to her at work and becomes a bright spot for her and her co-workers. “The uniqueness and beauty combined is always such a beautiful experience. My co-workers reap the benefits as well. It just makes everyone’s day a little more pleasant. It brings everyone a sense of peace and rest and calmness.”

“I don’t know the names of flowers,” Lori said, “but I know beauty. I know beauty and I know how things make me feel. They have never fallen short of providing me with beauty and with giving me an amazing feeling on my birthday.”

“And they last forever – they have a shelf life of forever in the world of flowers!” Lori laughed.

Lori as the giver of flowers…

After experiencing the joy of receiving a King Florist arrangement, Lori knew where to turn when she needed to purchase something that would express her heart. “I had a friend who left us Easter day this year. I needed something special to communicate to the family our sympathies. I called King Florist,” Lori explained.

She called and told them that her friend “was a truly special person and God could not have chosen a better day to resurrect her than on Easter. I needed something special.” Lynsey from the King Florist team suggested a rugged cross. “Honestly, I wasn’t really feeling it at first,” Lori confessed, laughing. “I didn’t want something woody – looking like some sticks and twigs stuck together!” Then she thought back to the elegant arrangements she had always received and knew whatever they did would be perfect.

Lynsey assured her, “Let us do it for you.” So once Lori agreed, the King Florist team went to work and it turned out to be an amazing rugged cross draped with flowers that “really spoke to the heart of all of us and epitomized my friend’s departure from this earth to her everlasting home in heaven. It was amazing. They did not disappoint.”

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Lori walks into King Florist…

Lori also recalls the first time she actually visited King Florist, which is an experience in and of itself. “I walked in and was blown away. The tranquility of walking in there! They are so modern and contemporary, but still very simple and organic. You just want to pass by there and get a little peace. It’s a little piece of peace.”

And meeting the team in person was as wonderful as Lori had imagined. “Their attitude, their willingness, their patience. They take customer service back to what customer service should be,” Lori gushed. “I can’t say enough. My birthday is in March and I can’t wait! I wish someone would send me something from them every month! They’re just your simple, neighborhood florist, but with all the characteristics of a huge, out-of-this-world place, but they’re not huge and they’re not out of this world. They’re right here and I can afford it!”

Lori laughed as she concluded, “I know I sound like I’m talking about more than a florist, but they’re wonderful. They’re wonderful!”

Thanks, Lori. We think you’re wonderful, too!

Come visit us as King Florist and get a little piece of peace.