Simply Succulents

Who says simple can’t be beautiful?

Here at King Florist, we love lush floral arrangements and eye-catching containers, but we also know the value of simplicity. 

Benoit Ballon
Pretty Peonies

For years the Fall floral scene has been dominated by richly colored blooms of chrysanthemums and sunflowers. Croton Petra plants with their light and dark green leaves streaked with orange veins fill in the gaps of autumn arrangements.

Benoit Ballon
Seasonal Spotlight : Hints of Fall

Autumn is a beautiful time of year in Austin. We’ve gotten over the fact that our leaves don’t really change colors and instead embrace the diverse beauty of this season.

Benoit Ballon
A Bride and Her Bouquet

A beautiful bride deserves a beautiful bridal bouquet. Even though Ashley’s bouquet displayed a mostly neutral color scheme, it was anything but neutral in its appeal.

Benoit Ballon
Unique Design

Michael has a pretty good idea of how to keep his girlfriend, Tamara, happy and it has a lot to do with King Florist.

“When we first got together I sent her flowers and she loved them and reacted perfectly, so I started sending her flowers every week,” Michael explained. 

Benoit Ballon
ABC's of King Florist : B is for Bridal Bouquet

A wedding is the culmination not only of a romantic relationship, but also the grand finale of weeks, months, and sometimes years of planning. Done right, a wedding reflects the style of the bride and groom as a couple and pleases the senses of all in attendance.

Benoit Ballon